Follow The Arrows To Find Gold

Who fights who in Syria? Image credit:  Not sure who owns this.  I got it from the TAE Facebook page   What do you see there?  Hmmmm... So, what's this thing between ISIS and the Israeli Air Force? It seems that ISIS is fighting everybody except the Israeli Air Force. It seems that everybody is... Continue Reading →

What’s With This Zika Thing?

The Zika virus has been around for quite some time (years) now, and it has not posed a major problem in the past.  So why now?  Something more is going on.  Something very sinister. I believe I outlined the likely problem in a Facebook post a few hours ago, based on this and this where... Continue Reading →

Too Much Turkish Delight

It is often exceedingly difficult to cut through the sugary coating surrounding the reporting of events that ever more frequently (and there is a reason for that) take place around our troubled world.  Basically, before you sink your teeth into the Turkish Delight that the mainstream news media presents to us, you need to take... Continue Reading →

Careful Who You Piss Off

Be careful who you piss off.  Unless, of course, you are a brainless jihadi who doesn't give a shit about anything. OK.  You can piss the Americans off, and they will react by randomly bombing a few inconsequential buildings, killing more civilians than jihadis, but without any real plan to deal with you properly which... Continue Reading →

Game Changer

Vladimir Putin - the necessary catalyst for defeating ISIS. So far, the US, NATO and their allies have only been playing the game. Using mainly rhetoric and having no real interest in inflicting defeat on these monsters.  It is all about the oil of course.  It always is.  Always will be, at least for the... Continue Reading →

Guilt By Association

"To honor the dead, we need to look inside ourselves, and inside the societies we live in. And only when we've found, and eradicated, those things that make both us, and our communities, 'guilty by association' -for lack of a better term-, will we have paid proper respect to those who lost their lives." -... Continue Reading →

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