Guilt By Association

“To honor the dead, we need to look inside ourselves, and inside the societies we live in. And only when we’ve found, and eradicated, those things that make both us, and our communities, ‘guilty by association’ -for lack of a better term-, will we have paid proper respect to those who lost their lives.” – Ilargi – The Automatic Earth

Well said Ilargi, and all of the rest that you have written in this post at The Automatic Earth.


It is not the terrorists that are responsible for the world’s tragedies of violence, mayhem and destruction.  They (ISIS and others) are merely symptoms of the problem.

It is us, everyone, who are to blame.

After all, who created ISIS (apart from the US of course, who were directly involved in that act and were largely responsible for arming them (whether through common stupidity or by design, I cannot say)), and also many other groups that oppose ‘Western’ ideals?  It was all of us, indirectly, through our lifestyles and our society based on greed and manipulation.  We need to look inward, not outward, for the answer.

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