All Done With COVID

I am all done with COVID - even though it is still, for some unknown reason, occupying a major portion of what passes for 'News' these days.  I will not be posting about the pandemic any more, unless something exciting occurs, like a huge number of people dying. Mostly the vaccinated of course - and... Continue Reading →

Slips Are Showing

In the days of my youth, when women were women and men were ...supposedly what they always have been - 'men' of course [...where did we go wrong? what point did we begin to fuck things up? ...that's rhetoric - no answers required]. Back then there was an old saying - "Sweetheart, your slip... Continue Reading →

Towards A Safer World

The most balanced and authoritative national leader our world has perhaps ever known, President of the Russian Federation - Vladimir Putin, addresses the 9th Moscow conference on International Security. His address, given in full in this official link, confirms those facts: Video address to the participants and guests of the 9th Moscow Conference on International Security.

Reprising an Oldie but Goodie

To complement my previous post yesterday, I have dug out, brushed off and dusted (but not altered) something I wrote just over 7 years ago. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly to me, since I mostly try to write stuff that will not easily date over time, it still holds good after 7 years. Does that make... Continue Reading →

Facts not an Obstacle for the New Normal

If facts are all we have in the life or death battle of the 'old reality' (flawed as it is and always was) against the incoming and fact-free 'new normal', then we have lost the battle already. For 'new normal', read - new reality, new ideology, new world order, new trans-globalism, new reset, or whatever... Continue Reading →

So, What Next for the Last Empire?

I tried, after the Putin-Biden summit, to explain how low-key was that meeting. There was at least far less of the usual bombastic rhetoric emanating from the western half of the proceedings - much to the dismay of certain parts of those quarters I suspect. But while on the surface it may have appeared that... Continue Reading →

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