Leading Democracy

It is a question that constantly baffles me.  Why do leading democracies, so-called, accept and follow the leadership of the US?  It doesn't make any sense, unless of course they are all tarred with the same brush.  And I don't think that is true.  Many of these nations from time to time make their own... Continue Reading →

Syria Recovering From West-led Aggression

"Syria’s Assad Says Country Has Potential to Overcome West’s Crushing Siege – Video" - Sputnik News Syria's much loved and re-elected president, Bashar al-Assad, out and about among his people, overseeing the nation's recovery from US-led Western aggression, mostly attributed to their terrorist accomplices - the only thing left to them now being resource theft... Continue Reading →

Damn You America.  Damn You To Hell.

Damn You America.  Damn You To Hell.  May You Rot In Torment For Ever. As someone who does not believe in either heaven or hell (or even the effectiveness or desirability of COVID vaccines), I am sure that somewhere desirably undesirable could be established for that curse to be fulfilled.  That diabolical nation absolutely deserves... Continue Reading →

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