G7 – No Longer Fit For Purpose

The once powerful G7 group of nations, which the Martin Jacques Global Times article linked below reminds us, a mere generation ago could boast of controlling two thirds of the global economy but today is reduced to only one third, epitomising the decline in global influence and authority of Western nations in the intervening years.... Continue Reading →

Broken Dreams

In my darkest moments ...and who can say they have not had at least some of those? But not too many, I hope, or too dark ...I have, on occasion, turned to the music, old and new, of The Moody Blues. We all have our own ways of dealing, or not dealing, with those times.... Continue Reading →

Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball

'Dancing the Fandango at the NATO-Nazi Ball'? - there must be a song title in there somewhere (Note: It's how they began - but don't tell anyone, it's probably hush-hush). Watch out!  The world's biggest Totalitarians are up and about with an Anti-Totalitarian (WTF??) message aimed at all gumptionless gawpers and all who would need... Continue Reading →

A Distasteful Affair

I have come to despise 'The Guardian' as being just another biased source of tainted news along with all other written media of the group that has become to be derisively known as Main Stream Media or MSM.  Not to be trusted as genuine, factual or even rational.  And yet, in the disgusting world of... Continue Reading →

On Constancy, Consistency and Trustworthiness

"Germany, France seek to maintain dialogue with Russia - statement" - TASS Neither inconstancy nor inconsistency are desirable attributes for a nation.  Russia is perhaps the most constant and consistent nation of all, in its attitude to international affairs. France and Germany, on the other hand, are like ducks on a pond in that arena.  Bobbing... Continue Reading →

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