On Constancy, Consistency and Trustworthiness

“Germany, France seek to maintain dialogue with Russia – statement” – TASS

Neither inconstancy nor inconsistency are desirable attributes for a nation.  Russia is perhaps the most constant and consistent nation of all, in its attitude to international affairs.

France and Germany, on the other hand, are like ducks on a pond in that arena.  Bobbing up and down with every little wave that approaches them.  Though they consider themselves, by looking into their own distorted mirrors, the arbiters of everything important in world affairs, they are, quite honestly, not worth bothering with or about.

At least Russia knows where it stands with the US and UK.  They are sworn enemies of Russia, even though they at times deemed to be of their own self-interest, may pretend otherwise.  But the inconstancy and inconsistency of France and Germany, as I’m sure Russia knows, renders them untrustworthy partners.  All other European nations lie somewhere between those extremes on the spectrum of trust.

Good friends are hard to find in this modern world, full of deceit and deception.

In all my years of observing Russia, at least since the fall of USSR, I have never known that nation to act in any way dishonestly, deceptively or dishonourably.  And never acting against international law – which seems to be the main charge against them by nations who obviously do not understand that concept.  In fact, modern Russia is the doyen (or if you think of it as ‘Mother Russia’, the doyenne) of everything that is constant and consistent in the world.

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