Misplaced Trust?

"Russia, US maintain constructive cooperation on Arctic problems - Russian Security Council" Russia, do not trust the Americans. I am sure you are well aware of their agenda - which does not perceive any other nation as their equal, and which permits them, actually requires them, to undermine, deceive and destroy any other nation that... Continue Reading →

Cultists, Dupes, or Heroes Looking For A Future?

"Establishment & media sympathize with Greta’s ‘Fridays for Future’ movement… So how is that a ‘protest’ exactly?" Confirming for me, as if I wasn't already convinced, that RT is just another corporatist, capitalist, sensationalist, dirt rag.  Everything about this article smells of being pro-climate-change-action - since that is all about extending the faltering life of... Continue Reading →

There Are More Ways Than One…

...to trump Trump (as well as to skin a cat - as the old saying goes). I kind of missed this story, but better late than never. "China and Iran flesh out strategic partnership" (you should get one free look at this behind paywall article - if you haven't been there before) This is basically... Continue Reading →

How The Real ‘American Democracy’ Works

"Democrats Reveal the Real Purpose of the Impeachment Investigation" "The ultimate purpose of the constant attacks on Trump is to teach the American voters that electing a president who is disapproved by the Establishment is futile. The Establishment simply will not permit any change and will frustrate and destroy any president not selected by them... Continue Reading →

US Politics Trust Horizon At New Global Low

"Kremlin expects transcripts of talks between Russian and US leaders will remain classified" There is one very obvious downside to revealing the transcripts of private, classified, diplomatic telephone conversations as the naïve and artless Americans - on both sides of the conflict which marks the modern United States political class as more interested in scoring... Continue Reading →

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