Cultists, Dupes, or Heroes Looking For A Future?

“Establishment & media sympathize with Greta’s ‘Fridays for Future’ movement… So how is that a ‘protest’ exactly?”

Confirming for me, as if I wasn’t already convinced, that RT is just another corporatist, capitalist, sensationalist, dirt rag. 

Everything about this article smells of being pro-climate-change-action – since that is all about extending the faltering life of corporate capitalism by providing life-saving opportunities for expressions of pure greed (not solutions to the problem – there are no valid solutions to the problem) – and against those who are innocently crying out for their future to be secured – their message being impugned or misrepresented, their action being subverted by unscrupulous NGOs allied to establishment business, their passion being perversely harnessed and diverted to aid ‘action’ and ‘solutions’ that possess no curative change in the drive to destruction that capitalism is leading, and their mainly innocent characters assassinated in the process.

They are even being described as ‘cultists’ and blamed for potential waves of suicides: “Climate change cultists filling their followers with anxiety: How long before the suicides start?” 

Active young people with a cause to pursue do not commit suicide.  That is for the drug addled and those whose lives and self-worth have been degraded by the conditions prevailing as a result of the same capitalist narrative for generations now.

Of course the establishment and media sympathise with Greta’s now global personal, online and media success story.  It is something they can give lip service to while promoting the ‘need’ for their ‘get-rich(er)-quick(er)’ (for themselves) climate solution schemes.  Or not even schemes – opportunities exist for great wealth in just talking about or raising funds to promote such schemes. 

One thing RT does get right in this article is this:

“A cynic would argue that the upper echelons stand to benefit in some way. And that’s true too. Several conglomerates of the world’s leading financial institutions, backed by neoliberal think tanks like the Atlantic Council, have already expressed interest in getting their hands on public funds to finance green industry ventures, particularly in the developing world. What some call a crisis, they call the ‘climate opportunity.’ ”

There is nothing much ‘green’ about ‘The Green New Deal’ of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or a new ‘Green Industry’ proposed by business, other than that it is all ‘green-washed’ fallacy purpose built to make money for the already rich.

There is nothing sensationalist about wanting to have a future – because that is a very real threat, deny it how you may.  It will be truth for billions of Earth’s human population.  And for the rest?  Well, life will be nothing like we see today, in the second half of this century – or perhaps sooner.

There is also nothing ‘eternal’ about the ‘eternal economic growth’ of Greta Thunberg’s current speeches, which is, without doubt, the basis of our current economic system.  When that collapses into ruin along with our current already shaky societies, we shall see first-hand what she is talking about.  And that could well arrive before any major climate related issue manifests itself.  You have been warned.  I am still banking on* next year, 2020, as being the beginning of major disruptions to our Western way of life (now emulated globally, to some extent, everywhere).

*‘banking on’ is merely an expression which implies some sort of ‘reliance’. I have nothing of any notable value to actually ‘bank’.

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