Viewing Things Through Jim’s Keen Insight…

“A Dumpster Fire on a Garbage Barge”

I used to think that referring to US politics as a Snake Pit or merely as The Swamp, was quite sufficient to provide a flavour of its essence.  And here I do not distinguish between the elephants or the donkeys – both being each just one side of the Deep State coin, and to all intents and purposes inseparable and indistinguishable – each needing the other to complete itself and provide some sense of corrupted wholeness.  Why Americans make so much fuss of ‘their’ democracy always escapes me, since its essence can better be described as a stench.

I used to think that, but now I yield to Mr Kunstler’s unique way with word images and his untoppable epithet –  ‘A Dumpster Fire on a Garbage Barge’.

My instinct tells me not to try to understand the phenomenon of US politics, judging that anyone who does so is risking permanent damage to their personal psyche.  Instead I rely on Jim’s inside knowledge and, I hope, his undamaged psyche, to provide me with the correct messages.

He has a message for Hillary Clinton which kind of resonates with me:

“The notorious video of Mr. Biden bragging on his shakedown of then-president Poroshenko has been seen by everybody over age five in the USA. Hillary must be lovin’ it as she makes the rounds on her latest listening tour. Listen to this, Hillary, lost in your wicked daydreams of riding to the Democratic Party’s rescue for yet another shot at the White House: your reputation will never survive the blizzard of indictments coming down on your partisans. And one of these bills might have your name on it.”

Basking in the warm glow of that thought, I leave it there.

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