Getting Along Together…

"Contract on Russian gas transit via Ukraine stipulates ‘pump or pay’ principle - Naftogaz" See?  It's not all that difficult to get along together, is it, when issues are put aside or amicably settled for mutual benefit?  Much better than shooting at each other. The world should operate more on these principles.  "Starting tomorrow maybe?"... Continue Reading →

Prisoner Swap …and then what?

So the prisoner swap between the Kiev government and the DPR/LPR republics of Donbass, the only thing of any value that has so far and probably ever will come of the Normandy Four meetings, has taken place yesterday 29 Dec 2019.  A total of 124 people to Donbass and 74 to Kiev, were swapped. "Decision... Continue Reading →

Comparative Analytics…

Take a look at this Syrian town in Idlib province, recently liberated from terrorism by Syria's army, the SAA. Yes there is damage there, inevitable in warfare (and through years of terrorist occupation), but compare that to how Raqqa looked (and still looks 2 years later) after the US coalition had finished with it. "Strategic... Continue Reading →

When It’s Time…

One of the many songs I love, songs that tend to evoke (changed this from 'invoke' which carries meaning I did not intend) some emotional response whenever heard, is Andrea Bocelli's 'Time To Say Goodbye', or 'Con Te Partiro' (I Will Go With You) as it was originally called. Sometimes it is more meaningful, especially... Continue Reading →

US, Oil Thieves

The US, through its continued presence in Syria is stealing $30 million a month in oil revenue from the Syrian government. This is how the US 'secretly' funds its military adventures. Syrian Oil And US Troop Withdrawal, Explained: - SouthFront In what universe can this be said to be a fair and just situation? There... Continue Reading →

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