2011 Repeat? That Would Be Nice.

Wow! Australia’s Stan Grant hosting news bulletins on al Jazeera! That’s something I wasn’t aware of – but not what I’m sharing this for.

The US has attacked militia units associated with an ally. That’s pretty newsworthy and, being already on the nose in Iraq, it wouldn’t take much of such action – this may even probably be sufficient – to get them (the US) unceremoniously thrown out of Iraq by angry mobs, as also occurred in 2011 – though you won’t find many Americans admitting to that.

The Shia militia group they attacked is part of the Iraqi PMUs, supposedly integrated into the Iraqi military forces and under the direct command of the Iraqi Prime Minister. You can’t fight a whole angry country – and Iraq can call on a great many friends for support.

I’m looking forward to the repercussions of this act. It may be a great curtain opener for 2020. Then, looking further ahead, with US out of Iraq, US presence in Syria would have no direct supply lines. How sweet it is to think such thoughts? …and hope they become reality.

Added later: …and I swear I had not seen this MOA article before writing the above –

“After U.S. Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will (Again) Have To Leave”

…and another thought.  The groups the US attacked were about to launch an attack on ISIS remnants at al Qaem.  Another confirmation that the US is working in cahoots with (and protective of) ISIS.  Bastards all.

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