Turkey’s Broken Agreement on Syria’s Idlib

For the first time since hostilities ceased in Syria's Idlib province last March under an agreement between Russia and Turkey made under pressure from the UN Security Council (as far as I remember), a combined Russia/Turkey military patrol of the M4 highway (which marks the ceasefire line) has been carried out successfully.  Previous attempts have... Continue Reading →

What’s Happening In Syria?

While Syria is never far from my thoughts, nothing of any real consequence that may radically alter the situation for the better has been happening there (at least on the surface) since the so-called ceasefire in Idlib province began almost 2 months ago.  Although there are fresh reports that remaining civilians trapped north of the... Continue Reading →

Turkey Pays Heavy Price For Supporting Terrorism

"Syrian Opposition Supporters Intercept, Assault Their Turkish Allies On M4 Highway (Videos)" - Southfront   "Combat Footage: Kurdish Forces Storm Turkish Position In Southern Afrin (18+)" - Southfront "IED Attacks Killed Militants, Turkish Soldiers In Northeast Syria: SOHR" - Southfront  In the days leading up to the current shaky ceasefire in Syria's Idlib province it seems... Continue Reading →

A Quick Note On Idlib Ceasefire

About the new ceasefire agreement in Syria's Idlib.  One thing is very clear yet remains largely unstated.  The war on terrorism goes on, and quite rightly so. So if you see reports about what the press calls the 'Assad forces' or similar, meaning the legitimate Syrian government military, army and air force and their allies... Continue Reading →

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