What’s Happening In Syria?

While Syria is never far from my thoughts, nothing of any real consequence that may radically alter the situation for the better has been happening there (at least on the surface) since the so-called ceasefire in Idlib province began almost 2 months ago.  Although there are fresh reports that remaining civilians trapped north of the M4 ceasefire line in the terrorist held region of Idlib are becoming more agitated at the conditions to which the terrorists subject them.

Perhaps because they see (or hear of) activities south of that line, in the government held areas, which are ardently working towards a normalisation of life as has always occurred in towns liberated from those terrorist thugs the West is still so keen to support.  See the linked SANA article – “Efforts to rehabilitate liberated areas in Idleb continue” – SANA

That civilian agitation has boiled over into a series of protests at towns across the area as shown in the syria.liveuamap image below and in this Twitter post and video from Step News, part of the Arabic text of which I have translated to English using ‘Translator’ software below: 

“Popular protests by the people in Idlib governorate continue, against the policy and decisions of the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham, After trying to open commercial crossings with the areas controlled by the Syrian regime. 
Omar Al-Omar, a Steppe news agency correspondent, said that night demonstrations were against Tahrir Al-Sham, 
I went out at midnight on Friday, by civilians in the border camps with Turkey, north of Idlib, near the town of Atma Waqah. 
Our correspondent said that the demonstrations were punctured by igniting tires and cutting the roads connecting the Bab Al-Hawa crossing north of Idlib, to express protest and anger at the Tahrir Al-Sham administration to the area.”

Additionally there is a report (and video) of Russian military vehicles preventing a US armoured column, supported by air resources, from entering al-Qamishli in Northeast Syria (which the US has similarly done to Russian columns a couple of times). Two can play at that game. See: “IN VIDEO: RUSSIAN FORCES INTERCEPT U.S. CONVOY IN NORTHEAST SYRIA” – Southfront. A more active video is here, from Step News again.

Like I said, nothing much of any real consequence is going on in Syria 😉

image from the interactive and constantly changing https://syria.liveuamap.com

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