Prelude To War

I wrote a couple of days ago that we should expect and look for 2021 to be a year defined by war. I want to expand on that here because I feel that is now somewhat inevitable. Everything I read recently points to a disaster in the making. And it has to be now. Why?... Continue Reading →

What to look for in 2021

What to look for in 2021? Well, there's a lot to look for (none of it good - not a single thing) but I want to focus on just one thing here.  There will be war. Unless one perpetual combatant is too caught up in its own disintegrating infrastructure, economy and society, to involve itself... Continue Reading →

Much Ado About Nothing

Methinks Jim Kunstler had been getting a little too much into the Christmas spirits on Friday when he wrote his latest blog post, linked below.  Perhaps it would have been wiser to simply say "Happy Holidays" than to warble on about nothing of any substance.  Still, I guess he's contracted and committed to produce something... Continue Reading →

Sayings of Wit and Sagacity

I'm always on the lookout for genuine, rolled gold, diamond studded, platinum embossed, sayings of wit or sagacity - preferably both - with which to enrich and illuminate my mind and, hopefully, yours.  I came across such a one today, in the article I share below.  Perhaps there are more than one.  Let's see how... Continue Reading →

A Message of War and Malfeasance

Yesterday I wrote about a message of peace and goodwill, essentially emanating from China.  Today, I want to counter that message with the predominant one emanating from the United States.  This will, of course, be a message of War and Malfeasance.  And just to crown that at this usually particular time of the year for... Continue Reading →

A Critical Moment in Time

This is VP Mike Pence's moment in the sun.  The point-in-time event for which he was obviously born and sent into the world.  Is he up to it?  Will he make it count? I wish I could pin some hope on that, but you never know.  I have often criticised Mr Pence as being something... Continue Reading →

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