Much Ado About Nothing

Methinks Jim Kunstler had been getting a little too much into the Christmas spirits on Friday when he wrote his latest blog post, linked below.  Perhaps it would have been wiser to simply say “Happy Holidays” than to warble on about nothing of any substance.  Still, I guess he’s contracted and committed to produce something now that his blog is financially supported – so maybe he can be forgiven for that.

But not to be forgiven for raising the spectre (for that is all it is) of Chinese interference in the 2020 election process – especially after bravely combating several years of untruthful deep state backed intelligence services accusations of Russian interference.  Has he lost his marbles?  Or nerve? Maybe he has been listening to Sydney Powell, who is also big on that subject – but what has she achieved so far?

Not only that but to insinuate that evidence is to be revealed on the China issue when the US administrative and intelligence services have failed to bring out any material evidence about anybody on anything, at all, for goodness knows how long.  Does he think it could be any different this time?

Long on accusations they are, quick to incriminate and shut down.  Even quicker to sanction.  But to offer proof or genuine, upholdable evidence?  Well, that is entirely – well, not optional – but simply not necessary.

I’m not expecting to see anything materialise that is in any way plausible or legally valid.
I’m also not going to provide the Kunstler text today.  If you have the time to waste in reading it, here’s the link…  

“Christmas Awokenings” – Jim Kunstler

Better things are expected, Jim.

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