The Zaporozhye/Zaporizhye Question

If you take the time to delve into the situation currently centred on Ukraine, and I suggest that you should do that because it is the only way that you will gain any real intimation as to what that is all about and the crucial role it plays in the modern world (whether that is... Continue Reading →

Bringing it Home – The Essential Operation

It is not war, right? I'm trying not to refer to it as 'war'. It is a Special Military Operation. An essential military operation. But military operations of any kind, which are opposed confrontationally by other military formations, almost inevitably involve killing people. The killing of course is not a given factor. If the special... Continue Reading →

Fate of The Former Ukraine ++

(++ in this case refers to 'among other valuable notions') We can no longer speak of Ukraine. That nation, if it ever really was a nation, no longer exists. It was probably better described as the sweeping together of left-overs from Europe's many internecine wars across the ages. However you want to describe what it... Continue Reading →

Kunstler – In From The Cold

Some time ago I banished the Kunstler blog from the tiny part of the world which I control - my personal blogosphere - to the cold, barren wastes of 'Wherever'. I now welcome him back - for this week at least. He is the only man whom I know has a keen eye for the... Continue Reading →

Navigating the Bullshit Battle Minefield

Whenever something significant happens it tends to polarise people, and, trust me, something significant is happening right now. We are all part of it whether we yet recognise that or not. It is the beginning of a new era in global affairs. Perhaps I shouldn't use the term 'global' because that smacks of the old... Continue Reading →

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