Navigating the Bullshit Battle Minefield

Whenever something significant happens it tends to polarise people, and, trust me, something significant is happening right now. We are all part of it whether we yet recognise that or not. It is the beginning of a new era in global affairs. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the term ‘global’ because that smacks of the old system – the one that has signally failed to unite the world. ‘Globalists’ are about to meet their doom. Or at least the doom of the system they espouse. A new world order [Stop!] No, that too is an expression of the old system. A new description for what is coming into being needs to be found. Perhaps it already has been coined.

In the quote below, which represents the final sentence of a linked online report, the subject of which is centred around the situation I am talking about, uses the phrase twice.

The news is that we are in a world-changing epoch, and Russia will not stop but take her full part in this world-changing epoch, preferably peacefully, but if not, military-technical.

‘Sitrep 180 Hot Potato : Ritter, Lira, Johnson and Martyanov’ – The Saker blog

Is this a world-changing epoch we see being ushered in before our eyes? I think so. But it is not yet guaranteed to be so. It could also be a world-ending epoch, at least as far as mankind is concerned. Those deeply entwined in the globalist world order, which seeks to dominate authoritatively in a unipolar, pyramidal manner, will not necessarily go quietly into night of unfulfilled dreams. But that does not mean the new order should be delayed or prevented from taking its proper and just course – whatever the outcome and potential risks in the changeover may be.

You know of course, or should know, that the new order is being spearheaded by Russia and China to introduce a multipolar (not necessarily just the two poles) society for peace and mutual cooperation among all peoples. It is a movement centred around the Greater Eurasian Continent – the place where most of the world’s peoples live. While China is mostly involved in setting up the infrastructure forming the basis of future communication channels between nations (the Belt and Road Initiative), Russia is heavily involved in shoring up security of the western borders of Eurasia, ensuring that no lingering interference from the globalist west can upset the apple cart, so to speak. Both activities are essential to the project. Whether the diminutive western population chooses to join in with the setting up of the new epoch rather than fighting it, is up to them. It will be very lonely and isolated on the outside.

I want to repeat the quote I used above but with a different emphasis.

The news is that we are in a world-changing epoch, and Russia will not stop but take her full part in this world-changing epoch, preferably peacefully, but if not, military-technical.

‘Sitrep 180 Hot Potato : Ritter, Lira, Johnson and Martyanov’ – The Saker blog

The west is opposing Russia’s Special Military Operation to strengthen its western borders. This opposition is not very emphatic. In fact it could be described as half-hearted. That may be due to the fact that the west has already mostly destroyed its capacity to make war of that nature against a determined opponent that is at least their equal. And Russia is both determined and also more than the equal of the west in military affairs – by itself, without the aid of China. Together, those nations would present an existential problem for the west, if they were so inclined. Fortunately for the west, neither Russia nor China are warmongerers.

The west, knowing all this, is actively (you might also say ‘desperately’) seeking a peace deal with Russia. However, the time has not yet come where they will accept the only kind of peace deal Russia is interested in. Russia will not stop its current operation (which is going entirely to plan, despite ridiculous lies from the west to the contrary) until it is guaranteed the results it initially projected in the early months of this year or those desired results are actually achieved through battle. Listen to Gonzalo Lira in the video in the linked Saker sitrep. He has this situation nailed down pat (that’s a double emphasis, if you noticed). What does this mean? It means, and I have said this before (since the beginning), that Russia will, if necessary, go all the way to Ukraine’s western borders – and potentially beyond that point unless the west surrenders to Russia’s demands. And there is not a damn thing the west can do to prevent that from happening. I will repeat that. There is not a damn thing the west can do to prevent that (Russia fully achieving its stated goals) from happening.

This is not some simple border dispute. Some action dealing with a disrespectful and disruptive neighbour. No, this is the initial steps of setting up of a new world order. And that is an entirely different set of circumstances. I am not sure the west has fully grasped this, or is actually capable of grasping the concept, yet.

In the meantime, all this bickering over what one person has said, is entirely pointless. It is of no consequence. It may be necessary to soothe some bruised egos of those who may have relied a little too much on a person’s previously stated views. But hey! Are anyone’s views, of whatever kind, of any real importance in this or any other situation? Of course they are not. There are no Guardians of Truth out there. No-one has the full picture, and projecting from the past to the present is not always helpful. Projecting to the future is the realm of seers. All of it is good fun and of some satisfaction to our thirst for knowledge, but that is all. That some may rely on acceptance by the reading public of their own expressed views, for a living, is a little different, but even that is not germaine to the matter.

It is what happens on the ground, in real life, that really matters. And that is well covered by the facts – when truthfully told.

Avoidance of the bullshit minefield is one way of dealing with it, but I find it more fun to seek out the hidden gems that are also to be discovered there. They are often to be found in the less frequently trodden pathways.

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