Potential Bright Future for Afghanistan

This TASS news item on the current situation in Afghanistan, based on a report from the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), simply reiterates, though with more detail than I have previously seen, what is known of the matter.  It chiefly shows that the Taliban are not operating haphazardly but with a 'thoroughly thought-through strategic plan on... Continue Reading →

CIA ‘Maggot-filled Dog Shit’

There is something about 'maggot-filled dog shit' that I find quite intriguing. Wish I was an entomologist.  Then I could closely study the mainly CIA instigated colour revolution going on in Hong Kong over the past several months. "It’s like an entomologist having a test tube full of maggot-filled dog shit to study up close,"... Continue Reading →

‘The State Cannot Convict Itself’: Operation ‘Gladio’ & the Crimes of U.S. Empire

I have long held the view presented in this excellent, re-blogged article and encapsulated in this quote from it:
“Given post-WWII history and our current state of affairs Western governments and institutions clearly exist as criminal entities which function outside the rule of all recognized morality and law, domestic and international.”
…and so I am both gratified to the author, Gary Weglarz, for putting together such a fine piece, to Sarah Abed for sharing it, and also pleased to have the opportunity to share it further myself.

This is information that all Westerners should be aware of, if they want to own their own lives and to live consciously, enjoying the freedom to live and act as moral, caring, self-respecting beings. I don’t for a moment expect that everyone would choose to take that course, preferring to remain ignorant and controlled, living under the “full spectrum domination” that is the global objective of the US elites.

Me? I’d rather die fighting for the liberty that is every human’s right to enjoy.

The Rabbit Hole

Written By: Gary Weglarz

Global Research

Also posted on: The Ugly Truth

The key institutions of Western societies have lost their credibility. They fail to merit either the respect or loyalty of the domestic populations they purport to serve.

Testing the validity of this assertion requires examination of Western institutions from a holistic rather than fragmentary perspective. This is easier said than done.

There exists a massive amount of near real-time web based information available for us to process daily if we are attempting to keep abreast of world events. This often leaves us diligently evaluating recent events, while lacking the opportunity to step back and assemble these discrete events into a more comprehensible whole.

The assassinations of the entire elite level of progressive leadership in the United States during the 1960s (JFK, Malcolm X (image left), MLK & RFK within a 5 year…

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