The Bought Man – Australia on Road to Nowhere

The shame of modern Australia.

‘US Escalates Its Militarisation of Australia, Under Albanese’ – Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Whether Australians yet know it or not, they have been sold down the river by their own government. Not just the shadow of a man currently presiding, but by a whole string of them dating at least back to the 1970’s and the CIA pogrom against the Whitlam government. Australia has long been drifting on a rising tide (albeit temporary) of dangerous confrontation and potential deadly conflict ever since the watershed of the Whitlam days. Our nation has stood, and still stands, with the axis of evil, the Gorgon headed beast of US imperialism and ruthless hegemony. Australia has been the faithful puppy, aiding the beast on its relentless drive for global dominance.

Shame, shame, Australia.

For this benighted land this is a lose-lose situation, and at stake is the death and destruction of our short-lived nation. A nation which has in the past showed great potential for achievement – having once partially escaped a now sunken empire of the past – but a nation which is now rendered the impotent slave (euphemistically referred to as ‘ally’) of the eternally-pubescent, infantile-minded, would-be replacement empire – the US of bloody A.

When the US sinks, as it surely will, and soon, under the weight of global ire over past injustices, Australia is scheduled to go down with it – pending a possible but not guaranteed last minute reprieve for the Australian people as unwilling victims of their own injustice. But no reprieve for those who led them astray, as sheep. Without such hope, Australia is lost. If Australia can be rescued in this manner, and perhaps for the first time in its history (it was a closed and fully insulated shop before Whitlam) be seen as a willing and open global partner, that must be the only glimmer of light for the otherwise doomed country to strive toward.

I rest my case.

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