What’s In A Acronym?

Before anyone starts criticising my grammar or reason, let me say that the heading above is a compromise. I wanted to use the title "What's In A Name Acronym?" for instant recognition of a well known (but adapted) phrase. Except that my blog editor won't allow strikethroughs in post headings. Therefore the compromise - which... Continue Reading →

The Role of Destiny

[Note: It was necessary for me to split this article into two parts due to its length. I did so with the promise to self that I would not publish the first part until the second (which contains most of the detail) was almost completed. That is the case now. Please enjoy this first part.... Continue Reading →

COVID or Not, Mid-East Still Boils

US forced into further retreats in Iraq.  COVID my foot!  It's the continual rocket attacks on their bases. Soon be time for bye-byes. That, and other relevant news, here: "Kurdish Militias Start New Dangerous Game In Northern Syria" - Southfront

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