What’s In A Acronym?

Before anyone starts criticising my grammar or reason, let me say that the heading above is a compromise. I wanted to use the title “What’s In A Name Acronym?” for instant recognition of a well known (but adapted) phrase. Except that my blog editor won’t allow strikethroughs in post headings. Therefore the compromise – which is, I feel, quite ‘striking’ in itself.

“Why Israel is the Jewish ISIS” – Syria Girl on the Saker blog

I have not much to say about this, other than to say that Syria Girl has a long and respected internet presence and firsthand experience of the things of which she speaks.  She is one of the small group of brave young women (Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Beeley and Abby Martin also) who report from World and Middle Eastern hot spots – largely or perhaps entirely unfunded by corporate media, and providing a unique view of Western treachery, carnage and illicit support of evil entities like ISIL (Islamic State In Levant) and JSIL (Jewish State In Levant).

I will also state that I am not in complete agreement with the acronym JSIL, or even ISIL for that matter, since they both pull in and denigrate recognised and respected religions through twisted forms of what they slanderously purport to represent.  Though I should also add that both Judaism and Islam, along with all other ‘god’ based belief systems, are all inherently false in nature.  But, folk should be entitled to delude themselves in any way they choose – so long as they don’t try to impose their delusions on others, or abuse non-believers.

The ‘J’ in JSIL and the ‘I’ in ISIL, ought properly to be replaced by ‘Z’ for Zionist and ‘W’  for Wahhabist to be realistic.  But of course neither ZSIL nor WSIL quite slip off the tongue so easily.

That being said, I heartily agree with Syria Girl’s analysis and exposure of the degenerate position of Israel (which can not in any wise be termed a ‘Jewish’ state) and its involvement in much of the mayhem inherent in our modern world – equally as much as, or more so than, the Wahhabist Jihadism we all know and hate and which seeks to impose a Wahhabist state (not an Islamic one) over the same area of land as Israel seeks to control – i.e. ‘from the Nile to the Euphrates’.

Incidentally, the thoughtful person, when watching this video, will need to keep one finger on the pause button due to the speed at which it moves (in order to cram as much information as possible into the 19 minutes), so as to grasp as much as possible from the images that are flashed up onto the screen. At least I needed to do that, even though I am familiar with the content, but maybe my old brain is slowing down – I don’t know, see how you go.

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