A Refreshing New View

Syria: Neoliberalism vs Sovereignty” – Renegade Inc

Forget the title of this piece for a moment, important though it may be.  I want to say something which I feel is significant.

People like me, and there may be more of us than is generally realised, who write about aspects of our world, their drivers, mechanisms and results, which have made our lives the way they are.  Recognising that this state of being all falls far short of what we think is intended to be our right to self-determination in a society which effectively debars and denies such thinking, we use our writing and other social activities to voice not only our recognition of the boundaries placed on us by that society which, to a greater or lesser extent is now global, but to bring to light the facts, otherwise mainly hidden, that this is actually happening and to denounce it as entirely unacceptable to ourselves.

None of this, of course, makes the slightest difference to the juggernaut of media propaganda maintaining the status quo. Although while that may be the appearance, it may also be too harsh a critique.  The world is slowly awakening to this dilemma, but let me hastily add that this is nothing to do with the deranged ideology, destructiveness and evil intent of the ‘woke’ movement, which is something else entirely.

Whether the global awakening has anything to do with our efforts or not, we dissenters or complainants (because that is what we really are), or many of us at least, tend to use as sources for our endeavours a small pool of often more active or experienced people. It all becomes over time to be a bit ‘samey-samey’.  Yes, the stories move on, as new events emerge, but we know what to expect from our ‘sources’. 

Well, a new voice has emerged.  At least new to me.  And it is refreshing and different.  It uses voices and names which are mostly little known, to me at least.  Whether it will provide arguments or ideas that might move things along faster, remains to be seen.

And so, with great pleasure I present this piece from Renegade Inc, from Britain.  Which in itself is quite refreshing that anything sensible could still emerge from that place.

The text is mostly in the form of a transcript from the video interview and because few of us speak coherently in whole and completely formed thought sentences, unless reading from a prepared script, the text makes little sense as read (from a grammatical perspective).  I suggest you watch the 27 min video first, before reading.  There is nothing really new here, just a revisit and rehashing of what is already known.  And the interview did take place in 2018. But it is the refreshing new voices and a slightly different perspective that make it especially interesting.  

I shall be examining Renegade Inc a little more closely now.

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