The ‘R’ Word Is Being Used

Ok, he is a libertarian, which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, apart from all the other things that go along with it, but as I have said before - he is the only American politician who does tend to say some of the right things. Everyone already knows that America is already... Continue Reading →

Peak Oil – Redux

I came across this article today:  Peak Oil Returns: Why Demand Will Likely Peak By 2030  by Think Progress. Photo credit: Shutterstock Hmmm, I don't believe a word of this.  Well, maybe some of it is all right. But when they talk about peak oil is dead, or peak oil returns (with a different definition),... Continue Reading →

BHP, Suffering A Panic Attack

I think the world's biggest mining corporation (that's BHP Billiton) is in big trouble this year, although it may not surface until next.  At the very least, it is a huge gamble. BHP is banking on a big turnaround in the price of oil to something like $50 dollars a barrel over the next year... Continue Reading →

A Year In The Life… Of The Sun

Amazing time-lapse video of our very own star.  Absolutely wonderful. ...and brought to you in stunning Ultra HD (if you have the capability), from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory by NASA Heliophysics, courtesy of Russia Today:  Solar explosion timelapse: A year in the life of the sun (VIDEO) This image is a composite of 23... Continue Reading →

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