A Year In The Life… Of The Sun

Amazing time-lapse video of our very own star.  Absolutely wonderful.

…and brought to you in stunning Ultra HD (if you have the capability), from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory by NASA Heliophysics, courtesy of Russia Today:  Solar explosion timelapse: A year in the life of the sun (VIDEO)

This image is a composite of 23 separate images spanning the period of January 11, 2015 to January 21, 2016. © NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center / SDO / S. Wiessinger

The first video shows a complete year in the life of the Sun in six and a half minutes.

The second one is a much slower and closer look at a 30 minute window with a time-lapse of only 12 seconds between frames.  You will be amazed.

…and if you do have the capability to view in 4K (my internet connection isn’t fast enough for that) these videos are ready for that.  Even at 1080p (my limit for viewing) the scene is a fantastic glimpse of something that past generations could never have dreamed of.

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