There’s Always The Brick

Today I am sharing a Guardian article that has at this time achieved almost a quarter of a million shares, indicating that it has hit a nerve somewhere in the popular conciousness.  It is the second article in two days that I have come across which uses terms like 'horror story' or 'horror show'  to... Continue Reading →

Those Damned One-Percenters

It has become something of a meme in recent years.  The 99% and the 1%.  Us and them.  The downtrodden, from whom it is being taken what little they have, and those damned filthy rich one-percenters who are taking for themselves all the wealth being stolen from us. That is how it looks to you... Continue Reading →

Illegal Immigrants/Invaders In Syria

There are the 'boots'.  We can see them.  They are American boots, with American military feet in them. There is the 'ground'.  We can see it.  It is Syrian national ground. Photo credit: So.  American boots on Syrian ground.  Is that not a sufficient and complete definition of 'boots on the ground'?  In anybody's... Continue Reading →

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Time to take a bite of the elephant. Which elephant? Let me explain. It is time for revolutionary politics and social progress, of that there is no doubt. The way we have been living is no way to live. We have allowed a small... Continue Reading →

Crapola, Crapola, Crapola

There is so much crap online these days in supposedly 'Clean, Green, Eco-aware, Environment-Friendly, Forward-Thinking, Concerned, Activist' sites like The Climate Reality Project, that the situation is unbelievable.  Someone has to be kidding.  That site should be called 'The Climate Con Project'. Do I sound like a denialist?  Well, I am not.  Quite the contrary. ... Continue Reading →

Reward For Effort

It has been over two months since I put some gardening pics up.  A lot has changed in that time.  Summer has been, wreaked havoc, and gone.  A warm and milder Autumn is progressing.  The plants have breathed a sigh of relief and are putting in extra effort to do their thing.  Thankfully.  If only... Continue Reading →

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