Crapola, Crapola, Crapola

There is so much crap online these days in supposedly ‘Clean, Green, Eco-aware, Environment-Friendly, Forward-Thinking, Concerned, Activist’ sites like The Climate Reality Project, that the situation is unbelievable.  Someone has to be kidding.  That site should be called ‘The Climate Con Project’.

Do I sound like a denialist?  Well, I am not.  Quite the contrary.  I am a realist who knows the dangers that humanity faces from out of control climate change.  I do not subscribe to wishy-washy so-called plans or agreements to stop, slow-down, handle, turn-around, eliminate, mitigate, or in any other way affect climate change.  All such efforts, or at least the ones always put forward, spoken or argued about, are entirely meaningless and ineffective.  They are, in short, a con…

Take for instance one of the latest posts from the Climate Reality Facebook page or go direct to their linked article: What Is Grid Parity and Why Does It Matter?

Tell me, what has anything, anything at all, any little thing, any huge big thing, any aspect whatsoever, concerning the electricity grid got to do with stopping climate change?  Eh?  What?  If you said anything at all, you were wrong, whatever it was you said.  Unless what you said was something like “Nothing at all”.

The electricity grid is all about adding to climate change, no matter how it is powered.  The electricity grid has nothing to do with stopping climate change.  Nothing at all.  To say, or imply, that it has, is the biggest lie that we, the gullible public, are being conned into believing.  It is the big “Renewables Is The Answer” fraud.

Now, if we were to do away with the electricity grid, entirely, altogether, completely, then that might have some effect in slowing down (not stopping) climate change.  But that is not even on the table is it?  We are not being asked to do that at all, are we?

They think we are fools.  Well, they might be right there, generally speaking.  I don’t hear many voices saying what I have just said.  There are a few, but mostly we just suck up whatever people like Climate Reality tell us, if we listen to anything at all or give the matter any thought time.

So, what’s the answer?  Well, shutting down the electricity grid would be a start, but it is only a small aspect of what in total contributes to climate change.  There are a lot of other things that we would need to stop doing in addition to that.  If you think about it.  If you care enough to start to think about it.  That’s the secret, they don’t expect us to think about anything much at all.  We are held in thrall, dummyfied, by the bread and circuses of modern life that have been provided just for that purpose.

Break out!  Live!  Think!  Read!  And don’t be taken in by their distractions.  It will kill you.

…I didn’t finish, as you may have noticed, what I was saying earlier.  So, finally, what do I see as being a solution?  What do I stand for?  Firstly, there are no solutions (so don’t waste your time, energy and money on any such thing).  Secondly, I stand for Adaptation (the preparing for the unknown future as best as can be done, while leaving behind all that has been accumulated in the past, freeing yourself from attachment to the past.  That is where to invest your time, energy and money).

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  1. I can’t believe anyone still writes that rubbish. They’re talking about costs, not about energy. Nothing about EROEI, nothing about the fact that all PV systems are made using the energy from fossil fuels, nothing about how PV systems will be made, installed and maintained when fossil fuels run out or whether this can be done using the energy they themselves provide. No wonder people are still so ignorant and stupid!! AARRRGH!!

    1. I put that comment on their FB page. Instructive to read the other comments. How stupid people are. They must be all Americans!

      1. Instructive, yes. They are also occasionally good for a laugh too.

        I stepped over my own lines of guidance on getting involved the other day and commented on a NASA YouTube video after reading stupid earlier comments:
        “NASA, you really should disable comments when you put up something like this. It only attracts all the world’s nutters, loonies and ignoramuses (most of whom seem to originate from America) like flies to a picnic, and it denigrates and debases all your good work.”

        I got two replies initially. One said:
        “Dumb, dumber, dumbest. You’re in the latter category, seek help.” That came from someone calling himself MARS TV CHANNEL. Go figure.
        The next said:
        “+Bernie Edwards ‘Most of them “seem” to originate from America’. Um no they ALL originate from the US. We have the highest amount of God worshiping fruitcakes on the planet.”

        It’s all a bit of a ‘Lucky Dip’ really. ‘Leave well alone’ is a good maxim.

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