How Do You Eat An Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Time to take a bite of the elephant.

Which elephant? Let me explain.

It is time for revolutionary politics and social progress, of that there is no doubt. The way we have been living is no way to live. We have allowed a small minority to take most of our wealth and power, to almost literally impoverish and enslave us.  What?  You haven’t noticed?  Unbelievable!  Take it as fact.

So, what is holding us under their thrall, holding us back from taking back what is ours?  It is that we can’t organise ourselves, because we are divided by fear, divided by our petty differences and divided by our fear of the others, the ones different from us.  That is the elephant we need to eat.

Time to take a bite of the elephant.

A quote from the Medium article: I Have Met the Bernie Bro (and He is Us)  which inspired this post:

Nurturing fear of the other, reliably triggers division, keeping us anchored in spiraling powerlessness. The solution is at once individual and essentially collective.

The elephant needs to be eaten before we can move on.  And we don’t have much time.


In the blink of time … we won’t solve age-old issues of racism and discrimination. We won’t let go of our resentments, nor completely learn to listen with humility. We will not build Utopia in three months.

Ok, Ok.  I know this is about America  …and goodness knows that nation so desperately needs such a revolution as Bernie Sanders offers.  But isn’t Australia in exactly the same position?  At exactly the same time?  What are we going to do about it?  Where is our Bernie Sanders?  We have our Donald Trump, alias Turnbull.  We have our Hillary Clinton, alias Shorten.  Not close analogies I know, but that is what they represent.  But there is no Bernie.  No inspiring, charismatic, peoples champion candidate.  Left, right or centre.

So, what chance do we have?  Little to none, of avoiding a continuance of mediocrity.  Unless a younger generation of idealists (if such there be) stands up to be counted, like the young folk of the sixties did.

Perhaps the most relevant, if not important, quote from this article, is:

Bernie’s staunch belief in our ability to come together is the truly breathtaking message of his campaign. Far beyond merely challenging us to fund his campaign, or asking us to trust a politician one more time, he calls on us “Black and white, Latino, Asian-American, Native American, gay and straight, male and female, born in this country, and people who have immigrated to America…” to win our equality together — or not at all.

I have no great faith that will happen, there or here.  But I am open to being surprised and amazed.

How about it?

It all depends on mutual respect within the community.  Can we build that in time?  Putting aside our differences?


Each of us sees the problem from our own limited vantage, but mutual respect allows us to build a more complete picture.

And, of course, Bernie Sanders, like any other budding Messiah, is only human with human frailties, and all such, in whatever sphere of reference they operate, should be viewed through the spectrum of this quote:

“If while holding a sapling in your hand you are told that the Messiah is about to arrive, first plant the sapling” ~ Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai

Messiahs generally turn out to be great disappointments or even imposters, but they can be instigators of much needed change that long outlives them.

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