“The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton”

There are less than a handful of weekly blogs that I regularly follow for the wisdom and wit that I perceive in their writings.  This post, unlike my previous one which was a day or two late in catching up with the latest offering from one of those blogs, comes only hours after the latest release of The Archdruid Report, the musings of John Michael Greer who until recently was Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and is now the current head of the Druidic Order of the Golden Dawn (neither of which organisations I owe any allegiance to or agree with any of their precepts, rules, beliefs, or whatever (what people do in their spare time is entirely up to them)).

The Archdruid Report this week, I am sure quite uncoincidentally, also (as with my previous post) deals with the matter of the 2016 US Elections, with a piece titled The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton which I have again chosen to quote as the title of this post.

Now, a word of warning before I recommend this blog post for general reading, it is not for everyone.  While James Howard Kunstler, to whose work I referred in my previous post, occasionally introduces an obscure word or two that would not be found in normal everyday speech, his wit and writing style render reading of his work a pleasant, amusing and interesting experience.  This cannot always be said of Greer’s pieces.  The wit is almost always drier, even cutting at times.  The language is painstakingly and ritually obtuse, though making complete sense if one is able to follow it all the way through lengthy, complex, overly flowery and winding sentence construction (similar to my own at times).

Having said that, I do generally like what he has to say, or at least find the subject interesting to plough my way through to the end.  It is up to you.  I offer this link, with those recommendations, because it does offer a perspective and certain insights on the subject and people in question.  A subject the outcome of which will affect all of us in some measure.  I am not going to offer any commentary on the piece because, well, I find that prospect quite daunting.  Here is the link again: The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

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  1. I read JMG and agree with your take on his often verbose and flowery posts. Will read the latest, er…later. Would you like to share what other blogs/sites you enjoy.

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure that ‘enjoy’ is the right word in this context. I try not to delight in the rather sad but inevitable demise of human society, preferring to take the role of dispassionate observer, as much as I can. That is not always easy of course. I am only human.

      The two blogs I mentioned, the Archdruid Report and also Kunstler.com are mostly what I more or less regularly read. I tend to ‘like’ Kunstler’s work most, simply because of his witty writing style. Both blogs are useful for picking up the occasional new, obscure but interesting word or two.

      I most rely on the daily ‘Debt Rattle’ posts on The TAE Page (Facebook) as a useful roundup of ‘collapse’ related articles that I would probably never find otherwise. I an indebted to Ilargi for providing that service.

      There are other blogs that I sometimes go to for information, like:
      Club Orlov (http://cluborlov.blogspot.com.au/), which I know is one of your favourites.
      Russia Today (https://www.rt.com), which is not a blog, but is definitely useful as a source of news not tarnished by Western influences (not much anyway). News and opinion that wouldn’t otherwise be brought to light in our part of the world. The downside is that the comments section is dominated by bigots and trolls and therefore not worth reading and if you stray away from current news you can be tricked into thinking something is fairly current when it may in fact be a story from months or years ago (though all are properly dated). Those two things are fully expected though from pretty much any news site these days.
      I recently discovered that China also has a similar news service: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/newchina/index.htm but I haven’t found a need to refer to that more than a couple of times so far.
      I recently started to follow the US Homesteading blog of Rachel Falco at http://howtoprovide.com which seems to have a lot of useful information on growing and preparing food, if you can get past the fact that she is a gun-totin’ mamma with a typical libertarian national and world view. But she does like dogs, and chooks.
      I also follow Sustainable Gardening Australia, http://www.sgaonline.org.au/ which is a sort of gardening blog, receiving their email newsletter. Useful for ideas.
      Another useful site is http://www.warmearth.com.au/ Although I no longer get their magazine, I keep up with their monthly ‘Snips & Tips’ email newsletter.

      There are many other sites that I occasionally visit but none that I can currently recall which may be of general interest.

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