Potential Bright Future for Afghanistan

This TASS news item on the current situation in Afghanistan, based on a report from the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), simply reiterates, though with more detail than I have previously seen, what is known of the matter.  It chiefly shows that the Taliban are not operating haphazardly but with a ‘thoroughly thought-through strategic plan on the restoration of control over Afghanistan’ and that things appear to be going their way.  

There is no place for the West to have any influence at all in any of that.  A position that will dismay the CIA of course since Afghanistan’s opium poppy industry has for long now been a major plank in the financing of CIA activity. But it will undoubtedly be a good thing for the CIA to be dismayed for a while.  

Meanwhile, Western media is full of alleged Taliban ‘atrocities’ since the US troop withdrawal, perhaps better described as a ‘scuttling away in the dark’.  Much of that horrifying activity however, is likely to be down to undercover operations of the CIA, along with the various terrorist groups active in the country, which they support.  It’s what they do.

‘Taliban has detailed plan, and situation in Afghanistan develops in its favor, expert says’ – TASS

With relations to build with all regional actors, including the majors of China, Russia, Iran, the future for Afghanistan has perhaps never been so potentially bright.

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