CIA ‘Maggot-filled Dog Shit’

There is something about ‘maggot-filled dog shit’ that I find quite intriguing. Wish I was an entomologist.  Then I could closely study the mainly CIA instigated colour revolution going on in Hong Kong over the past several months.

“It’s like an entomologist having a test tube full of maggot-filled dog shit to study up close,” says Jeff Brown of China Rising, Punto Press – reported here by The Titanic Lifeboat Academy:  ‘Hong Kong Ensnared in Western Color Revolution Hot Box’

Quite a different picture to what we in the unenlightened West are given to believe, in our force-feeding of pre-masticated daily news bulletins.

Fed up with the tasteless gruel in your bowl?  Try a little fresh food – read this.  It’s guaranteed to stimulate your taste-buds.

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