How the US Destroyed the British Empire to Ensure it’s Own Rise

Titanic Lifeboat Academy: God Save the Queen. The US Destruction of the British Empire

Sharing the story of how America, the only nation in the world with any workable manufacturing capacity not bombed to ruins at the end of World War 2, used Britain – which was virtually bankrupt in 1945 and with massive debt owed to a great many nations (not only within the Commonwealth) – to gain for itself a huge market share of global trade, ensuring both its own rise commercially, politically and militarily, and at the same time the destruction of the British Empire and the vassalisation of those nations holding British debt.  Also notably funding the insertion of the CIA, the criminal arm of the US government, to spread a reign of terror everywhere around the world – an activity that is still ongoing today.

Fascinating stuff.  Sickening stuff.  Armed with this knowledge, and seeing within it answers to a great many questions and long held suspicions, what is the world going to do about it?

Of course, the situation has changed somewhat from the early days.  The US no longer has much in the way of manufacturing capacity – having shipped all that over to other nations like China, but it does make military hardware, armaments and munitions.  All of which it still aggressively markets and apparently without any concern as to the consequent harm and damage those things inflict, aggressively creates wars and conflicts as potential markets for those products.  

Who is buying that stuff?  Is it your country?  I know, with great personal shame that it is mine, for one.

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