End of The Normandy Format?

Wow!  I had not anticipated a move of this nature to be aired just yet in the Ukraine-Donbass saga.  It was obvious to me that the Normandy Format process was going to fail – it was designed to do that – but such an event has not yet happened.  Despite that, the main protagonists (Kiev government, Donetsk People’s Republic) have now advanced the rhetoric way beyond that position. No comment yet from Lugansk.

Briefly, no I can’t adequately describe it any more briefly that is done in these shared posts.  Read it there.  It is amazing stuff, almost unbelievable.  There will be no reconciliation between parties.  Ukraine has lost Donbass for ever – and will be all the poorer for it.  Not that Ukraine can get much poorer without rolling over, stiffening, with its arms and legs in the air.

The Donbass Republics are also jumping the gun, and quite understandably in the circumstances, though I think a little prematurely.  Russia can not be seen to be short-cutting diplomatic endeavours, even assuming that it wants to – which I do not feel 100% sure about on the basis of what has been said previously (they would rather see a whole and cooperative Ukraine, having already enough internal problems of their own to deal with) – and any further move in the direction of separation of Donbass from Ukraine I can’t see happening until all other efforts for reconciliation to reunite the country have failed.

But it is interesting, for those of us not caught up in the middle of it all.  Then again, the whole world will be embroiled in turmoil of one sort or another very soon – providing all of us with more to think about closer to our own homes. 

Donetsk slams Kiev’s policy in Donbass, vows to continue integration with Russia

Pushilin says Kiev’s policy is destructive, Donetsk aims at integration with Russia

The Lugansk People’s Republic has yet to comment on the situation (as far as I know).

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