Is An Outbreak of ‘Honesty’ Developing?

Honesty, it seems, is the theme of the day today. Check out my previous post on Gonzalo Lira.

And now there is this…

Both a guest and the presenters on ‘The Hill’ have suddenly discovered the need for honesty in reporting. I wonder how long that will last? The Hill is not on my daily reading list, and even if it were, there are generally not enough available reading hours in a day for me to get that far down my list to have seen this video. So I am not going to steel the thunder of Andrei Martyanov who did find the video for a piece on his blog today. You will have to follow the link below to see it.

I should point out here that I am not averse to directly using stories I find on other sources if I would, during the course of my daily reading have found it myself also. Such short circuiting I think is valid and not against any code of ethics under those circumstances, but a useful utilisation of time – where time is precious – and yet giving credit where credit is due is a useful general principle to uphold.

So, pop along to the the Martyanov blog to see this unusual spectacle for yourself. It is worth the effort. And you can amuse yourself with the contrast between the presentations of the painted and coiffeured visages of tailor-suited ‘The Hill’ people and the baseball cap, teeshirt and scruffy beard of Gonzalo Lira, making your own personal assessment as to who is more believable.

Hm, Surprising. – Andrei Martyanov

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