No More Lies, No More BS: Gonzalo Lira

As a person of conscience and heart I am duty bound to post this follow-up from Gonzalo Lira to a video of his which I featured yesterday.

This man is growing in my estimation each time I hear him speak (which is only through his published videos). He has been criticised by others for naming a fellow video columnist who has visibly altered their views in recent days to take a totally different line on the Russia-Ukraine affair. This is not some slick, rehearsed and formatted response but a ‘kitchen bench’, you might say ‘inspired’, or in any case ‘from the heart’, vocal and direct answer to that criticism. It is a welcome honesty and profound insight that Gonzalo Lira brings to the murky pond of journalistic endeavour. A rarity in these days of manufactured news and siloed, homogenized views. I hope you agree.

‘More Gonzalo Lira: No More Lies, No More BS’ as presented by the Saker blog, or you can view it direct from Gonzalo’s YouTube channel embedded below.

2022.05.21 No More Lies, No More BS – Gonzalo Lira

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