A Little Coincidence…

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a potential early start point for the end of Arctic sea ice build in the current northern Winter/Spring season. See post. Well, now it seems beyond doubt that this year marks the earliest recorded end of ice-building in the Arctic. Is that meaningful? I don't know. That is... Continue Reading →

Arctic Sea Ice Update

Since I last reported on the Arctic Sea Ice loss situation for the current northern summer, about a month ago - at which time there was potential for this to be a record year of ice melt - much of that potential has been lost following one of those unforeseen swerves of the graph line... Continue Reading →

Need Something More to Think About?

Hey guys!  You think COVID-19, buckling national economies and a growing potential for global conflict are all we have to worry about?  Take a look at this. For more than a decade now we have been seeing a rapid decrease of sea ice cover around the north polar region.  It started being noticed in 2007... Continue Reading →

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