The Zaporizhye Question – A Supporting View

It took me two days to put together my previous post after sending some initial thoughts to a friend by email on May 26. There was no opportunity for me to have seen the article linked below on VZGLYAD which was published on May 26 (My May 27) and as far as I can ascertain did not appear online until May 28 (just ended for me), when I did actually read it. It is very satisfying, when there are personal thoughts on a subject that are at least in some material way corroborated by others with no connection at around the same time. That does happen occasionally and it gives me courage to keep on expressing my thoughts – which are obviously, and fairly frequently, shown to be not too far off the mark – even if poorly written.

I will say no more on this, but you may find it of interest if you are following events in Ukraine.

‘What Russia will get from the annexation of Zaporizhia’ – VZGLYAD

Additionally, I made mention in my previous post that I had read something interesting regarding Motor Sich but could not, at the time, locate the source. Well, it is now found and linked below. And I will add a quote from that…

Since 2014, a significant part of the human potential from Motor Sich has been exported to Russia, Rogov continued. “We must understand that Motor-Sich is a complex that also includes Ivchenko-Progress. If all the developments are carried out at Progress, then the production itself takes place at Motor. The complex is important for its unity. Today, as far as I know, the Russian military – industrial complex has a significant part of these developments, which were taken out by specialists,” Rogov said.

‘Russian Zaporozhye will give a new life to Motor Sich’ – VZGLYAD

Good thinking, and good foresight, Russia!

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