Fate of The Former Ukraine ++

(++ in this case refers to ‘among other valuable notions’)

We can no longer speak of Ukraine. That nation, if it ever really was a nation, no longer exists. It was probably better described as the sweeping together of left-overs from Europe’s many internecine wars across the ages. However you want to describe what it once was, that which it was is no more. And likely never will be again.

It is therefore appropriate, until the dust settles and whatever remains can be identified, to refer to the old Ukraine by some other nomenclature. ‘Old Ukraine’ is quite good but I personally prefer ‘The Former Ukraine’, since it positively and specifically refers to ‘the Ukraine that used to be, but is no longer’.

That point is just one of the rich field of newsy, up to date ideas put together in the new article by Pepe Escobar. Pepe at his very best – and not to be missed.

I would dearly like to feature the whole thing here but I think it would be preferable to go to where it is already published to read this. I give you a choice of two sites – both commendable in their own distinctive fields. I am after all a ‘bit player’ when compared with these people and it is sufficient reward for me that I can direct others to their work.

The Saker blog: ‘NATO vs Russia: what happens next’

The Cradle: ‘NATO vs Russia: what happens next’

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