Bringing it Home – The Essential Operation

It is not war, right? I’m trying not to refer to it as ‘war’. It is a Special Military Operation. An essential military operation. But military operations of any kind, which are opposed confrontationally by other military formations, almost inevitably involve killing people. The killing of course is not a given factor. If the special military operators possess weapons that are far and away superior to those of the opposition, it would be foolish, even suicidal, of the opposition not to stand aside to allow the operators to complete their necessary tasks.

That kind of wisdom though has never been a strong point of mankind. Ego, pointless bravado, base ideology, religion, and the pursuit of a contrary agenda, more or less always get in the way of common sense. This is all the more true when the agenda is set by those who do not have to face the consequences of oppositional behaviour without the means to make that opposition successful, but who can safely stand behind at a safe distance (like the other side of an ocean) the willing fools, conscripts, ‘patriots’ or doctrinal acolytes fed with false promises of whatever it is that they see as being worth dying for.

Men have, down through the ages, been willing to give their lives for so many unworthy causes spruiked by charlatans and they have died uselessly in whatever numbers were necessary before it was finally realised their position was hopeless.

Today I watched some aerial drone footage of exactly this playing out. It wasn’t exactly pleasant footage, so I am not going to display it, but I will provide the links for anyone inclined to see for themselves. One is of a trench clearance operation where the camera is directly above a group of Lugansk militia moving through a line of trenches held by Ukraine, where one Ukraine soldier is killed and another seriously wounded. The other is taken from above a group of about nine Ukraine soldiers who are completely unaware they are about to die, instantaneously. This is the action of a Russian cheap but effective KUB-BLA Loitering Munition. For me these videos took an excessively long time to download, but that may have been due to local conditions.

What is basically happening over there is the slaughter of young Ukrainians who find themselves completely outclassed (even by the smaller number of Russian soldiers and their allies) – as are also the hardcore nazi butchers of the Ukraine nationalist units plus the foreign slugs who thought they would participate in a Russian killing, war themed, adventure park holiday (those fools actually deserve to die). This undesirable situation is of course NOT Russia’s fault. Russians have provided, and continue to provide, ample opportunities for the laying down of arms by the Ukraine forces, and many are taking up the offer of surrender when they can. Many more will be following soon.  For the Russians and the Donbass republics, it is becoming more a question as to where to hold them all securely, while processing and if necessary awaiting trial.

For Russia, this is an essential operation and one that must be completed in full to ensure the security and continuation of their sovereign nation and its people. No early, compromising, ‘humanitarian’ cease-fires will be tolerated. Only a complete surrender of Ukraine and its evil backers from the wider western nations will satisfy those conditions. That makes of this operation a much broader issue than simply one of liberating the territory of Donbass and the whole of southern Ukraine. If necessary, to achieve this success, Russia must continue past the borders of Ukraine and also all of the old Soviet territories, all the way to the western, northern and southern shores of Europe and ultimately (again, if necessary) leading to the destruction of the den of evil which exists in north America, in an extended denazification and demilitarisation operation across the whole of Europe. Only then will Russia, Eurasia, and the wider world be safe from the continuous threats of worldwide domination at the hands of militarised western nazism.

The operation, it can be said, is going well so far, and the fact that it is not progressing at a faster pace is due to very sound reasons. Having said that, the pace is about to pick up, and may even now be turning into a veritable flood of victorious liberation leading to the full capitulation of the whole of western interests (as unlikely as that may seem today). It will come, sooner or later. That time would preferably come alongside a voluntary renouncement by the west, of its previous ulterior goals, and a request to join in the united drive for a better and more equal world.

I am only one voice among many now speaking out on this realisation. With the might and enterprise of both Russia and China backing this drive for global liberation, with sound plans for the future, and themselves backed by nations representing more than 80% of the global population, one way or another, victory is assured.

And then of course, the real battle begins for the survival of humanity – put at risk mainly by the greed and excesses of the unprincipled forces driving those same evil nazified entities currently being reduced to irrelevance of the fields of Ukraine – and soon, of Europe.

May we humans somehow get through all this with our world still intact and enough human survivors to ensure another opportunity to do it right, first time, next time. Because the current time will be no more.

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