Not Yet Time For The Fat Lady’s Song

When is America going to get the picture?  All of America's problems are of its own doing.  There are no 'foreign actors' interfering with America's computers, or anything else that is rightfully belonging to America.  But, if there are/were, then that would also be down to America's own doing. I loved reading what Jim Kunstler... Continue Reading →

Inconsistent Consistency

'Consistency' is a well worn word in Australian political life. One might even say it is a worn out word through consistent and over-frequent usage by government spokespersons as a position statement of their own actions. The claim of 'Consistency' is again trotted out as being Australia's position in the ABC News report below, which... Continue Reading →

What next for America?

I think I can acknowledge now that the last real hope for Trump's overthrow of the election result - an action that would have, in an ideal world (although in an ideal world no such action would have been needed) been fully justified and yet just as much divisive as the no turnover result will... Continue Reading →

Kunstler’s Bad Dream

Would you believe it?  I would.  Well, it's better than the alternative nightmare.  It also shows the man is a thinker, and he may just have some inside information that's relevant to the situation.  I do hope so. For perhaps one last time (depending on what happens next) I am sharing this his latest blog... Continue Reading →


Antidisestablishmentarianism is often (well, not all that often) claimed to be the longest word in the English language. I happened to be thinking about language this morning when this word flashed through my mind.  Well, not exactly a 'flash'. A word of that length doesn't flash anywhere but kind of meanders or crawls like a... Continue Reading →

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