Those ‘Alleged’ Cyber Attacks – Bah! Humbug! …or Inside Job?

I said in my previous post, and I quote, “There are no ‘foreign actors’ interfering with America’s computers, or anything else that is rightfully belonging to America.”

At the time I had not heard anything about the alleged cyber attacks on US and other western nation’s computer systems. I wonder if Mr Kunstler had also just got the news and thoughtlessly tagged a brief note about it as the final paragraph when writing his Friday blog.

This latest claim by the US is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of when I made my comments earlier today. It is quite obvious to any long time observer of US miscreancy that whatever offences they declare made against them are actually smoke-screens mirroring their own actions. This ‘attack’ is plainly an inside job, perpetrated by US intelligence agencies to deflect the growing attention of elements of the criminal investigative agencies – the DOJ and others – into recent past seditious practices of many of these agencies in league with the US Democratic Party hierarchy to wreck their own legitimate presidential administration. 

The CIA and others (some of which are unknown) are truly sick puppies and I can’t find any hope for their rehabilitation. These people – enemies of all, friend to no-one – are the true Deep State, or at least its front line muscle. Subject to no rules, vastly resourced and funded, holding commitment and fealty only to the idea of their own warped agenda as agents of some exceptionalist order destined to rule the world. The only cure is to put them down and build a more rational – and fully controlled – government intelligence community. One that works for the nation it is formed to serve with honour and integrity, and doesn’t go around creating its own wars, both foreign and domestic. 

Personally I don’t think America is up to that task. In particular, an administration led by Joe Biden would undoubtedly put all of its endeavours behind trying to ensure that no such tsunami of change would ever disturb the so far sheltered waters of America. But the dam is, I think, about to break, and uncle Joe will be powerless to stop it. A Donald Trump, now with 4 years of touring the swamp behind him – and all the wiser for it, and perhaps a little stronger in will and determination for swamp drainage – just might, given the chance. Or at least he might make some effort to redeem himself in that direction, though quite fruitlessly, before the dam actually does break – and washes everything away cleanly.

I hardly feel that it is necessary now for me to share the story I chose to accompany this post, but you can read the sorry and insipid tale if you have nothing better to do…
“Suspected Russian hack on US sends cyber experts worldwide scrambling to defend networks” – Australian ABC News


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