Not Yet Time For The Fat Lady’s Song

When is America going to get the picture?  All of America’s problems are of its own doing.  There are no ‘foreign actors’ interfering with America’s computers, or anything else that is rightfully belonging to America.  But, if there are/were, then that would also be down to America’s own doing.

I loved reading what Jim Kunstler is saying in his latest blog post – until I got to the last paragraph.  He must have taken a fall and knocked his head right around when he wrote that.  America “…capable of dealing with outsiders”?  I’d like to see them try.  But these ‘outsiders’ are, in any case, pretty safe I think, if their turn has to wait until America has dealt with its own internal problems.  That’s going to drain all of whatever strength remains in a nation bent on self-destruction.

‘The Gyre Widens’ – James Howard Kunstler

But whatever happens, based on what Jim says prior to that last paragraph (and I am not going to share that in full here – it is too long), President Trump may well be seen as the greatest president the US has ever had.  And Trump is quite right to not be conceding anything in this period that still centres around the events of Nov 3 and subsequent days, until all has been revealed.

Like I have said before – it’s a long way yet to Jan 20.  Wait and see.  It’s not all over until the ‘Fat Lady Sings’, as they say.  Justice may still prevail.  But, either way, there will be nothing left over for dealing with the crazed concept of ‘foreign actors’ if that lunatic idea has not also been erased from American minds by that time – other than the equally crazed American concept of global annihilation. And then it won’t matter anyway – the only possible effective ‘Great Reset’ will have been unleashed.  

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