Anglo-American Fascism Masquerading as Democracy

I would love to write an article on “Anglo-American Fascism Masquerading as Democracy”, but I can’t. I have neither the will nor the energy to give to the matter the treatment that it merits. Maybe someone else can do that. Maybe someone else already has (see below).

However, whenever pertinent information on the subject comes into my world, I feel the undeniable urge to pass on the beam of light it uncovers to shine, hopefully, into your world, whether it already shines or once shone there, or not. Some things must not be allowed to become forgotten. Nor must history be allowed to be altered by those in the western nations who for shameful reasons do not want that light of truth to escape the obfuscations they place around it, or even for it to become generally known to newer generations, or for knowledge of the truth to be retained that such truths ever even existed. And all because these potential truth hider’s past deeds are too distasteful for a public who are now almost completely detached from that history, to become aware or even to retain any memory of them. Leaving perhaps the only retained version of that history, for many in the west, to the warped interpretations of Hollywood movies and fiction writers.

Such is the reasoning behind the current Western capitalist world to move towards having the history of World War 2 changed to show themselves in far more glowing light than is actually deserved – through a concoction of lies mainly at Russia’s expense.

And that distasteful history, while not exactly being hidden, is not openly or widely known to the world at large. Indeed I was not aware of some of it myself until recently.

I am gradually gaining insights from reading Ron Ridenour’s recent book – ‘The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert’ published by Punto Press. While I consider this to be essential reading, I have to say that making headway in its pages is quite hard going due to the distasteful nature of the subject matter. I can take it only in small doses. No American, in particular, will be able to think of their nation in the same way after reading it.

And it was through a reference in that book that I came across this Greanville Post article: ‘Buried History: 27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Knock Out Soviet Union’ written by Jay Janson (see article for more on the author)

Both of these works lay out, better than I could ever personally hope to explain (which is why I commend them to you), the fascist roots of American corporate businesses – and let’s face it, it is the US giant international corporate enterprises (or their owners) that actually governs and manipulates American policy through its own chosen political puppets – which began to assert itself long before the second world war of 1939-45.

Ridenour’s book takes us back to these fascist supporting exploits even prior to the 20th century but it is what happened following WW1 (which is what I was unaware of) that I particularly wish to emphasise here by quoting part of the Greanville Post article.

In 1900, Russia and America were allies invading China along with the rest of the capitalist empires, but from September 1918 through to July 1919 the US had two armies in Russia shooting Russians, one in Archangel, the other in Vladivostok, The aim wasn’t called ‘regime change’ back then, but it was.  

After suffering more dead that the other empires in colonial powered Europe’s First World War, Russians had overthrown their Tsar and their capitalists, and had declared a socialist government. Immediately, fourteen armies from twelve capitalist countries had invaded Russia in order to overthrow the new Russian socialist government with a civil war that would cause millions of deaths, three million from Typhus alone. The US, as well as the other nations invading, had been Russia’s WW I allies only a few months before. There are official US Army photos of Americans standing over dead Bolsheviks* posted in the margins of Wikipedia’s articles, Polar Bear Expedition and the American Expeditionary Force Siberia (*‘bolshevik’ in Russian means ‘majority’ referring to past voting results).

The capitalist nations backed civil war carnage failed to overthrow the socialist government in Russia, but the most monstrous plan ever conceived was to follow… 

Extract from the Greanville Post article: ‘Buried History: 27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Knock Out Soviet Union’


The article continues with a series of quoted paragraphs, reproduced below, from Finian Cunningham’s article ‘World War II Continues… Against Russia’, PressTV, 5/10/2014 (unfortunately I can’t find an online reference for that article but Cunningham is a well known and prolific writer for more than 25 years).

“The Western public, inculcated with decades of brainwashing versions of history, have a particular disadvantage in coming to a proper understanding of the world wars…

A very different ‘version’ of history has been concealed, a ‘version’ that puts the Western rulers in an altogether more pernicious category from their ordinary citizens.

European fascism headed up by Nazi Germany, along with Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal, was not some aberrant force that sprang from nowhere during the 1920s-1930s. The movement was a deliberate cultivation by the rulers of Anglo-American capitalism. European fascism may have been labeled “national socialism” but its root ideology was very much one opposed to overturning the fundamental capitalist order. It was an authoritarian drive to safeguard the capitalist order, which viewed genuine worker-based socialism as an enemy to be ruthlessly crushed.

This is what made European fascism so appealing to the Western capitalist ruling class in those times. In particular, Nazi Germany was viewed by the Western elite as a bulwark against possible socialist revolution inspired by the Russian revolution of 1917. 

It is no coincidence that American capital investment in Nazi Germany between 1929-1940 far outpaced that in any other European country, … The industrial rearmament of Germany (despite the strictures of the Versailles Treaty signed at the end of World War One, which were ignored) was indeed facilitated by the American and British capitalist ruling classes. When Hitler annexed Austria and the Czech Sudetenland in 1938, it was ignored. This was not out of complacent appeasement, as widely believed, but rather out of a far more active, albeit secretive, policy of collusion.

According to Alvin Finkel and Clement Leibovitz in their book, The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion, British Conservative leader Neville Chamberlain and his ruling cohort were intent on giving Nazi Germany a “free hand” for eastward expansionism. The real target for the Western sponsors of the Nazi war machine was an attack on the Soviet Union in order to destroy, in their view, the source of international revolutionary socialism. In the 1930s, the very existence of capitalism was teetering on the edge amid the Great Depression, massive poverty and seething popular discontent in the US, Britain and other Western countries. The entire Western capitalist order was under imminent threat from its own masses.

This is the historical context for the Western-backed rise of European fascism. Look at some of the undisputed figures from the Second World War… Some 14 million Red Army soldiers died in the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, compared with less than 400,000 military each from the US and Britain. These Western armies lost less than 4 per cent of personnel of the Red Army’s casualties.

 These figures tell us where the Nazi German war effort was primarily directed towards – the Soviet Union, as the Western imperialist rulers had hoped in their initial sponsoring of Nazi and other European fascist regimes during the 1930s. 

So, I started this piece by saying that I wished I could write an article on this subject. I had better stop now, before I try to make such an attempt. I just wanted to bring these matters to your attention and perhaps give you some food for thought. The provided references will, I’m sure, satisfy any further need for information you may seek. My job is done here.

Oh, and I have deliberately not included any images, which some may find offensive, leaving that to the original works from which quotes have been taken.

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