What next for America?

I think I can acknowledge now that the last real hope for Trump’s overthrow of the election result – an action that would have, in an ideal world (although in an ideal world no such action would have been needed) been fully justified and yet just as much divisive as the no turnover result will soon, I think, prove to be.

So, where to now for America, so bitterly divided as it is?

A new civil war?  A break up of the union of states?  Or just a continuation of the simmering cesspool of suppressed anger that has manifested in recent times – in other words a maintained status quo? 

And where will the US military sit?  In an organisation so large, sitting on a huge arsenal of weaponry, where there must inevitably be diverse political or just filial/local/regional views and inborn affiliations that outweigh broken and therefore invalidated patriotism at a national level – can that organisation be expected to maintain discipline?  Could this situation trigger a surge of intra-force insurrection?  Maybe this is another reason to have them so scattered and isolated, in smallish units, around the world.  And what if many of them want to come home to aid one or more of the aforementioned national splits?  Mutiny? 

These are dark suggestions, but too dark to form a vent for unrealised frustrations?

Already there are calls from the state of Texas of groups of like minded states to join together to maintain the purity(?) of constitutional behaviour. A move which can only be interpreted as a separation from states which do not apparently abide by the same strictures.  See:  ‘SECESSION? TEXAS GOP CALLS FOR NEW ‘UNION OF STATES THAT WILL ABIDE BY CONSTITUTION’ IN WAKE OF SUPREME COURT DEFEAT’ – ZeroHedge

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West 

I don’t think this is going to go away or die down quickly or quietly.  Many uncertainties exist and will continue to ferment for a while yet, but be prepared for sudden eruptions to occur.  The year is ending and there is a holiday season approaching – but one with little atmosphere of goodwill, I suggest.  And there is no new president yet, and no guarantee that it will be Joe Biden even if the electoral college vote his way tomorrow.  That man has many questions to answer and he may yet be required to answer them in court.

Yes, the year is ending, but will 2021 be any better or even as good(?) as 2020 has been?  I don’t have any clear signals on that, but my gut tells me to expect the worst. 

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