Prelude To War

I wrote a couple of days ago that we should expect and look for 2021 to be a year defined by war. I want to expand on that here because I feel that is now somewhat inevitable. Everything I read recently points to a disaster in the making. And it has to be now. Why?... Continue Reading →

What next for America?

I think I can acknowledge now that the last real hope for Trump's overthrow of the election result - an action that would have, in an ideal world (although in an ideal world no such action would have been needed) been fully justified and yet just as much divisive as the no turnover result will... Continue Reading →

Special Delivery…

I have something really quite special to share here today. Did you miss my writing over the past several days? This year, so far, I have written here some 384 times - that's an average of a little more than one post a day. More posts than in any year since I started this blog... Continue Reading →

Just Six More Months

Six months, to a world of 'Open Slather' (that's an Aussie idiom for 'anything goes') on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the testing thereof.  Six months.  Courtesy of the warmongers leading (or waiting to lead) the US along a path of global destruction. You think COVID-19 is a problem?  If not as a personal... Continue Reading →

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