Just Six More Months

Six months, to a world of ‘Open Slather’ (that’s an Aussie idiom for ‘anything goes’) on the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the testing thereof.  Six months.  Courtesy of the warmongers leading (or waiting to lead) the US along a path of global destruction.

You think COVID-19 is a problem?  If not as a personal threat then as a disruptor of modern life on a national and global level?  Well, that’s as may be, but you need to stretch your horizons a little further to include this new threat (if it doesn’t already).  A threat that has been existential for some 70 years now, but kept in check by international agreements of one sort or another.  Not so in six months time – February 2021.

Read this story to see why…
“‘Experts: Terminating New START Treaty could mean global nuclear disaster” – TASS

How has the world come to this?  At this time?

The US of course will blame Russia and China.  But those nations, as far as these things apply to them, always act in strict accordance with their agreed obligations.  It is a matter of principle for them to do so.  But the US?

The US, as a matter of course, has no principles.  At least none regarding the safety of humanity.  So, what can we expect?

Well, and this is not meant as an answer to the question just posed, but all this is assuming that there will still be a cohesive USA in Feb 2021 – and, with the current situation there, that is not a given.

Exciting, and dangerous times we live in.

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