A Maxim For Today

‘Believe nothing, trust no-one’, is a good maxim to hold in today’s world.

There are dirty deeds going on all the time , everywhere, at all levels and from all sources.  Some sources of course are well practised in the art of dirty deeds through long and prolific service to the tradition. The US State Department is a name that readily comes to mind.
…and that name gets a mention in this TASS report centered around the mischievous goings on in Belarus with that nation’s elections presently under way. And the US administration, with its own elections upcoming, desperately needs some sort of victory or coup to parade before its sick, downhearted, beleaguered and impoverished voting public.

Ukraine’s Kiev government also merits a mention as another dirty deeds practicing entity – though that is not mentioned, as Russia is generally too polite to involve itself in such accusatory language – and Kiev is not even remotely in the same league as the US government in such matters.

“Lukashenko: US passport holders among those detained in Belarus ahead of election” – TASS

Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko, is a man who follows the ‘Believe nothing, trust no-one’ maxim.  Here’s a quote from what he says on it:
“A hybrid war is underway against Belarus and we should expect dirty tricks from any side, which we actually do.”

The West of course sees Lukashenko as a dictator and no doubt would love to replace him and the Belarussian government with puppets of their own choosing.  They don’t stand a chance.  Belarus is not another Ukraine.

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