And There It Was… Gone.

I’m being a bit picky with which Kunstler posts I choose to share recently, but I have to feature this one.  His latest, as I write.

And perhaps this goes some way to explaining why my posting has got a bit patchy of late.  Nothing much seems to have the importance or gravity that it once did.  Do you find that too?  Do you feel as I do that what has gone by is never returning?  That the world has changed, or has entered or is entering a new phase?  A phase which may have some of the old things we all knew – like jobs, shops, transport, banking, schools, law and order – in some form or other, at least for a while?  But that these things, including all the things that JHK talks about, will at some not too distant time also fade away?

Andf what will we be left with?  As JHK says – “As you can surely tell by now, the trend is local and smaller for all of these things.”

It bears thinking about.  It should of course be what occupies the minds of our governments.  They are the ones who should have the best insights as to what is happening.  But of course they are still deeply embedded in the here and now, the what was, and what advantage they can personally make out of restoring all that was, or what will be left of it, from the current prevailing mess –  with little time to plan, even if there was any interest in doing so, for what will become of you and me.  So, it is up to us to do our own thinking.  And really, nothing has changed in that regard. 

So, the message to take from this, is that it is all over folks.

You were aware, I hope, that you, we, all have been watching – from the ground level seats – wishing we were up in the balcony seats or perhaps even a private box seat – The Greatest Show on Earth. The most advanced, polished and lavishly equipped production of human entertainment and endeavour, ever.

Well, that elaborate production is almost over.

Coronavirus and its supporting cast of comedians, dancers, jugglers and magicians, and all the electronically generated lighting and sound effects (not to mention all the real and natural effects generated from an angry world environment) employed in the production of the Greatest Show on Earth, will all shortly be hidden behind the falling final curtain and you and I, if we are not careful, will be left sitting gob-smacked and bewildered in the dark auditorium we have created for our own enjoyment, wondering what happened and which is the best ‘Exit’ to take before the stampede begins.

I present – for your entertainment and delectation – an introduction to the next low-budget production to be staged locally around the world…

“Things Going By” – JH Kunstler

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