Time Is Running Out For America

I wonder what it is like being a citizen of the most hated nation on Earth – the United States of America?  That is, thankfully, something I will never know.  Are Americans oblivious to the fact that nobody likes them?  Or are they just so caught up in their own fabulousness to care what others think?  Do they not know, and how could they be unaware of, the evil nature of the goals their nation relentlessly pursues?  Well, unawareness is not a pecularly American trait, it has to be said.  Much of the wider world is also unaware of the true nature of US imperialism.  Not that their goals are hidden at all, or even barely disguised.  Their leaders, planners and chief prognosticators are always proud to trumpet their hateful agendas – but always phrased in a way that makes them seem to be a moral duty to rein in, subdue, overthrow and neutralise a perceived evil threat found in usually innocent others. 

Shadow on the steps – Hiroshima

For too long America has had its way in pillaging, threatening, bullying and destroying its inglorious path across the world.  Much of which, contrary to its claims of moral righteousness, could actually be legitimately described as criminal acts, usually without even the bare basis or backing of international law or any other recognisable code of ethical behaviour.  It is fair to say that our world will never know peace for as long as America continues to exist as an entity with the power to interfere to any large extent in the affairs of mankind.  That US dreams of a world dominated by their foul ideology and their ability to make that happen is suddenly fading, is no longer by any means a pipedream. That this is also recognised by some in power in America, take Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for instance – one of the current chief prosecutors of US plans for global dominance – is shown in their increased desperation (have you listened to him lately?) to forge ahead in what can be perceived to be a closing window of opportunity.  The US is in full self-destruct mode in 2020, as some others have already observed.

It gives me some comfort that among those who are able to see what I see are a number of fellow Australians – John Pilger, Julian Assange among the most prominent, but a growing list of others not afraid to speak out. Many such voices are even heard from within the shores of the US itself.  Take for example The Titanic Lifeboat Academy which this week hosts an important article by John Pilger. I share that article here. 

Another Hiroshima is Coming — Unless We Stop It Now” – John Pilger, posted by the Titanic Lifeboat Academy.

If only more people could be made aware of the truth behind world influencing events.  Articles such as this are one way that might happen, but it is not for me to worry about that.  What will be, will be.  Truth has to be grabbed and wrestled from the plethora of disinformation which prevails.  It requires understanding.  Lies disseminate themselves, insidiously and without effort – and are all too easily absorbed into the collective consciousness. And that is what the US relies on to continue its charade of anti-human objectives, clothed in lies, propagated as truth. Please do your part to break that chain of deceit. Not only for others, who must make their own decisions as to what is right and what is not, but chiefly for yourself.

I do not much care for what happens to America, but I do care about my world, insofar as I am able. We are all living through what may be the greatest moment in human history. I wonder how many of the world’s people fully understand that?

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