Understanding The Times

When we come across a piece of wisdom, assuming we are able to recognise wisdom when we see it, we should be prepared to share that wisdom with others.  That’s the right, and human thing to do.  It is also the main reason why I post most of the stuff I share here.

I happened to come across some very wise words just now.  They are also true words (wisdom doesn’t always have to be truthful – though it is best if it is – and it can never be outright false).  Here they are:

“Trade is the foundation of Australia’s nationhood. If there is no international trade, Australia cannot survive.” 
“…we shouldn’t take for granted that the world is peaceful because we have lived in peace for years”

In my view these statements should be considered carefully by all Australians and, since this is really a global matter (considering that all international issues are a global matter these days), also by everyone everywhere.

Both quotes come from an article analysing the current difficult relations between China and Australia.  The article, quoting the published source, was “…compiled by Global Times reporter Xu Hailin based on an interview with Yu Lei, chief research fellow at the Research Center for Pacific Island Countries, Liaocheng University and a research fellow at the Australian Studies Center at Beijing Foreign Studies University.” …and is shared on this link by the English-language Chinese newspaper, Global Times – “Be prepared for a long-term bumpy road of China-Australia ties“.

Yes, I know that a great many people are not at all interested in global matters, though they should be, having more than they can cope with in their own personal lives to occupy their thoughts.  That’s a sad thing.  It is also, I think, an engineered thing.  In a world where technology was supposed to set us free and give us time to consider the higher things, the exact opposite appears to be the case.  It seems clear that this situation was deliberately engineered so that matters which should be of importance to all of us are able to be craftily slid into effect without most of us really noticing – and therefore rendering us completely helpless to affect or even somehow participate in the guidance of our own future.  

I began by talking about wisdom here, and even though I wrote the words you just read in the previous paragraph myself, I can say with some unfeigned humility, those thoughts may also be among the wisest words you come across today.

I will just say in closing that Australia can, or could survive without international trade (all other external factors permitting), but not in its current state and not with the population that it currently supports. And not under any conditions which would meet the expectations of anyone currently living there – with a possible few exceptions. So the ‘wise’ statement I quoted earlier, remains true – if not quite completely true.

I’m not going to say anything about the second part of those ‘wise words’ I quoted. I’m sure you can work that out for yourself.

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