Intrigue – It Makes The World Go Around

Oh boy!  Have I got a doozy to share today. 

This shared article is a few days old, which I apologise for (I can no longer claim to be looking everywhere all the time) but it is just the sort of intellectually stimulating information that makes whatever efforts any of us can invest in searching for some sort of meaning to modern life, worthwhile.  Whether it represents reality or not is somewhat immaterial, because it could do, and is therefore of some importance in understanding our times – assuming that is of interest to you.  If not, well, you’ve probably already read further than you really needed to do.

For the rest, this is fascinating stuff.  I’m not going to say much about it or to make any personal comments on the contents.  Take it from me, it is worth the time it will take you to read it.  It is a discussion centered on the obvious and continuous conflict between the USA and China, and who is or was behind that and how it all seems to have gotten away from them and taken on a life of its own.  Interested?

But there’s more…  it includes a free e-book (pdf).

The article provides at least three links to the same pdf book – written by members of the Chinese military – so the author obviously thinks it important that you take a look.  The title? “Unrestricted Warfare”. If that doesn’t bring out more than a mild tingle for you, you are probably on the wrong page here. I haven’t yet read the book so I can’t comment other than saying it appears to be of interest.  If you are tempted, I suggest you download it (as I have, in case it disappears), for personal use only of course.

“Is This a Remake of the 1941 Hitler Stalin Great War?” – F. William Engdahl for New Eastern Outlook

Intrigue.  Don’t you love a bit of intrigue?  It’s what makes the world go around.  No, not love, intrigue. 

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